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RISE Africa 2024 Action Festival Curator Statement

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Introducing the theme for the RISE Africa 2024 Action Festival: SOLUTIONS ONLY [failures also]

Join us at the #RISEAfrica2024 Action Festival as we embark on a journey to illuminate the diverse and creative paths leading to prosperous, joyful African cities. Let’s walk these paths together with shared wisdom and collective innovation. Bring your solutions, and don’t be afraid to share failures—they’re part of the journey too!

We are not inviting criticism of the failed state or the deficiencies in our cities. We are all acutely aware of the multi-layered, structural challenges that we tangle with on a daily basis. Instead, the #RISEAfrica2024 Action Festival invites you to share the process lessons that are vital for powering more robust solutions. RISE Africa is a platform dedicated to reshaping the narrative around African urbanism, and in this transformative journey, we recognise that JOY is a radical act and a force that propels meaningful change.

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