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RISE Africa photography competition 2021: My Afro-Future City Is…

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The RISE Africa Annual Photography and Multimedia Showcase encourages imaginative and novel thinking to collectively envision the futures of African cities. It aims to promote citizen photography and grassroots storytelling, as well as curated photo-journalism, as a way to excite and encourage citizens and decision makers about their homes. The resulting multimedia entries will be used to elicit ideas from city officials, urbanists, decision-makers, private sector and civil society who will explore and engage with the exhibition through a number of workshops. These annual photography showcases intend to produce realistic, novel and positive demonstrations of Africa which are curated from within. There are many futures that our cities could manifest. The 2021 theme of “My Afro-Future City is…” asks you to reflect about what your city or community could be in 2025, 2040, 2063 or 2100. These could be sweeping skyline visions, or hidden urban happenings. What could make your cities more inclusive, joyful, healthy, efficient, happy, safe and enjoyable? What futures or actions must we avoid? Let your creativity loose and share your visions of your city or of any African city.

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