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1 December 2017

Second phase of successful URBAN-LEDS programme to include two African countries

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ICLEI is very excited to announce the commencement of Urban-LEDS II. This is a follow-up phase to the successful implementation of the Urban-LEDS I programme, implemented in four countries, including South Africa, from 2012 to 2016.

Urban-LEDS II will see ICLEI Africa continuing its work with seven South African municipalities from Phase I, as well as expanding the programme into Rwanda for the first time.

The Urban-LEDS programme recognises that human activities in cities contribute a significant and growing proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions, driving the demand for energy and other services in urban areas. City populations are also vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and are enacting innovative solutions to adapt to these impacts, Urban-LEDS II aims to accelerate climate action through promotion of ‘Urban Low Emissions Development Strategies’ and improved collaboration between the multiple tiers of government and the stakeholders government serves.

The new four-year programme will be implemented in eight developing countries, taking our work further with the four previously engaged countries – South Africa, India, Brazil and Indonesia – and welcoming four new countries – Rwanda, Colombia, Bangladesh and Laos – on board. It will be implemented in partnership with UN-Habitat and funded by the European Commission.

For more information, please visit the Urban-LEDS website here.

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