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12 June 2014

The Elections for the ICLEI Africa Executive Committee 2015-2018

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It is our pleasure to announce the ICLEI Africa Executive Committee elections 2015-2018 that will take place later this year.
The ICLEI Africa Committee represents the ICLEI Members of Africa. As with each other region’s Committee, it consists of 3 or 5 voting seats, elected by the ICLEI Members from a list of candidates from the region. ICLEI is a network of local governments that prides itself on being driven by its global network of Members. Therefore, ICLEI’s governing bodies, responsible for defining its strategic direction, are made up by local government Mayors and elected officials and are elected by all ICLEI Members, every 3 years, in their respective regions.
We will reach out to all Members in the coming weeks, with specific instructions and respective deadlines for candidates and the voting process. We look forward to engaging with all ICLEI Cities, Subnational Governments and Local Government Associations, in this global democratic process and count on your participation to build the future of ICLEI.
For more information on RexCom responsibilities please consult the ICLEI Charter.
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