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29 January 2018

Upcoming call for AfriAlliance Action Groups

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As AfriAlliance investigates the reasons for knowledge fragmentation across Africa and between Africa and the EU, important knowledge co-creation aspects are emphasised. The successful interaction among relevant stakeholders from both Africa and Europe, in water management is of principal importance when trying to generate, increase and exchange knowledge and innovation that addresses the demands for solutions that have noticeable and high impact.

The first set of 5 AfriAlliance Action Groups has gone a long way to bridge the knowledge fragmentation gap. However, the AfriAlliance project will now look to expand and build on this first set by launching a call for a second set of 5 AfriAlliance Action Groups. The Action Groups will seek to reduce fragmentation in water and climate actions within Africa and between Africa and the European Union by bringing together relevant knowledge, expertise and solutions. We invite you to create an Action Group that will allow you to demonstrate your innovative idea, undertake pilot activities, share knowledge between stakeholders and networks at all scales, so as to effectively identify and address water and climate vulnerabilities.

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