Building sustainable African cities during and after a pandemic

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Daily life for local government officials has changed severely. Some are being redeployed to support response operations. Those able to continue with pre-COVID-19 deliverables are doing so with limited access to their offices or from home. This restricts face-to-face meetings and engagements. Those supporting cities and their residents, like national government, the private sector, development agencies and civil society are facing the same restrictions.

Building resilience in African cities is more critical than ever as we move forward during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenging and uncertain times are forcing us to discover and implement new and innovative ways of working, as good practices emerge and signify a new normal.

As part of our support package to cities, ICLEI Africa is introducing a webinar series where city leaders share their experiences, learn from each other, share knowledge and good practices, and inspire new ways of building resilience at the local level in Africa, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The objective of the webinar series is to provide guidance to local governments across Africa on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing climate change, health, sanitation, waste, energy, transport and other sectors relevant to African cities.

The webinar series will provide a platform for local governments to share their experiences, best practices and advice on how to prepare for and build resilience before, during and post-crises, such as the one being experienced at present. This webinar series is specifically tailored to help our cities access information that is both reputable and applicable to African cities. It also aims to reach all cities and will be accessible in multiple languages.

October calendar

20 October 2020

Urban Parks, Urban Futures: Insights from Africa

World Urban Parks has convened a global expert panel to share knowledge and align messaging on
the critical importance of urban green spaces, especially in light of the current global pandemic and
the subsequent increasing need for a green recovery. This panel, with support from global partners,
including ICLEI and CitiesWithNature, is hosting a COVID-19 International Park Expert Roundtable
discussion in the form of a series of regional webinars under the theme Urban Parks, Urban Futures.
This webinar series will culminate at the planned World Urban Parks Virtual Leaders Forum being
supported by the City of Tirana in November 2020.

ICLEI Africa and CitiesWithNature are proud to host the discussion in Africa, as part of ICLEI Africa’s
weekly webinar series entitled “Building sustainable cities during and after a pandemic.”
The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss social constructs and catalytic interventions related to
green spaces and parks in African cities in order to challenge the status quo of our urban landscapes
that COVID19 has brought to the forefront in Africa. Through addressing 3 key questions, the
webinar will contribute to the overarching theme of radical innovation for our urban parks and
urban futures landscape in relation to building greener cities in Africa that are fit for our post-COVID

We invite you to register and join ICLEI Africa and CitiesWithNature in this exciting webinar.

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