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23 November 2015

Green Building resources released for use by municipalities and developers

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ICLEI Africa is delighted to share a number of brand new resources designed to support developers and municipalities in South African and further afield to green urban infrastructure and buildings . The resources were designed through the Urban-LEDS (Urban Low Emission Development Strategies) project, with the expert assistance of MCA Urban and Environmental Planners, Steadfast Greening and Conscious Property Solutions.
The main outputs of this collective effort are a set of Green Building Guidelines that have been produced for Steve Tshwete Local Municipality and KwaDukuza Local Municipality. The full set of resources being released includes the municipal guidelines, divided into standalone chapters for ease of reference by particular user-groups. Handy checklists for a quick overview of the main considerations for buildings were also designed to aide municipal staff, developers and building owners to consider the various aspects of green building design and construction for inclusion in their plans or to check compliance of planning applications.

Download the full guidelines and checklist below. Each chapter is also available as an individual download as follows:

Furthermore below are outputs for municipalities to draw inspiration from:

  • graphically illustrated summary document that captures the main elements of the green building guidelines to assist residents, property developers, architects and facility managers to work towards a more sustainable urban form. This graphic document is available from ICLEI in its original design file, enabling other municipalities to adapt with their logo’s and information and share with staff and local developers. A quick-guide poster is also available for dissemination.
  • case study outlining international and South African best practice with regard to Green Building Tools and Trends.

These guidelines have benefited from valuable inputs by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) to ensure they match expert national and international standards. We plan to continue working closely with GBCSA, SALGA (South African Local Government Association), and with other ICLEI offices around the world, to ensure the wider adoption of similar guidelines by municipalities in South Africa and beyond. ICLEI Africa encourages member cities to adopt and adapt these guidelines to their own unique contexts, and to update them over time. We also support cities in their endeavours to implement the guidelines in a way that transforms their urban environments to be more liveable, prosperous, climate friendly and resilient.

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