Along South Africa’s vibrant eastern coastline, eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, which encompasses the city of Durban – home to the largest port on the east coast of Africa – is pioneering urban sustainability amidst the challenges of rapid urbanisation and climate change. Climate vulnerability and commitment to resilience eThekwini, the third largest metropolitan municipality in South … Continued

A cohort of ICLEI Africa’s cutting-edge new resilience projects will deliver tangible outcomes in the coming year. Together, they will strengthen urban resilience in African cities, increasing preparedness and alleviating disasters, tackling climate shifts, and aiming to secure vital climate finance. In response to the urgent challenges posed by climate change and its devastating impacts, … Continued

The Designing Inclusive African Coastal City Resilience (INACCT Resilience) research project was successfully launched in July during a Daring Cities 2023 event titled “Contextualising the city: process and learnings from inclusive project inception methodologies”. Daring Cities is a global forum, hosted by ICLEI, which focuses on empowering municipal decision makers to address the climate crisis. … Continued