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Association of District Councils in Mauritius

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This organisation serves as a pivotal entity representing the interests of the seven district councils across the island. Comprising Black River, Grand Port, Flacq, Moka, Pamplemousses, Rivière du Rempart, and Savanne, these districts converge under the auspices of the AODC to address common challenges and foster collaboration.

Functioning as a forum for exchange, the AODC facilitates the sharing of best practices and ideas among district councils. Its mandate extends beyond mere discourse, advocating for the concerns of district councils at the national level. By engaging with the central government, the AODC endeavours to secure resources and address local development needs effectively.

Furthermore, the AODC assumes a critical role in capacity building and training initiatives. Through these programmes, council members and staff are equipped with the requisite skills to navigate the complexities of local governance adeptly.

Rooted in the decentralisation reforms of 1988, the AODC embodies Mauritius’ commitment to democratic principles and community empowerment. The organisation remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering local democracy and facilitating meaningful engagement at the grassroots level.

The ethos of the Association of District Councils of Mauritius embraces collaboration and progress, and through this, enables collective action that shapes local governance.