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Communications and knowledge management

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Creating a sustainable urban future is in large part a communications challenge.

ICLEI Africa’s multiskilled communications team has extensive experience in the field of communications, as well as urban sustainability and environmental issues, working at local and subnational government levels. It works closely with the technical workstreams to design effective communications strategies and deliver impactful communications campaigns, resources and events. The team also supports our Members in Africa by profiling their sustainable urban development work.

Knowledge and information management facilitates better decision-making capabilities, builds learning organisations, and stimulates exchange and innovation. ICLEI Africa supports a knowledge culture and has a strong knowledge management ethos.

This workstream covers:

This workstream covers:

Impactful communications strategies & plans

Tailored communications & behaviour change campaigns

Online courses & learning resources

Conceptualisation & management of digital platforms

Visually striking and accessible resources

Knowledge and information management

Profiling our Members' inspiring work

Resource-efficient service provision

Circular development and mobility

Access to finance for cities, capacity building and multi-level governance

Envisioning sustainable future cities, sustainable procurement

Resource flows (water, food, energy, waste)

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