Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate
We prepare Africa to face the impacts of climate change on water resources

Africa is one of the regions most in need of innovative solutions for tackling water and climate change-related challenges, yet many parts of Africa are also suffering from the lack of water-related skills and capacity as well as wide-spread institutional fragmentation.

The AfriAlliance project aims to better prepare Africa for future climate change challenges by having African and European stakeholders work together in the areas of water innovation, research, policy, and capacity development.

Rather than creating new networks, the 16 EU and African partners in this project are consolidating existing ones, consisting of scientists, decision makers, practitioners, citizens, and other key stakeholders, into an effective, problem-focused knowledge sharing mechanism.

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Project Location

Africa and Europe

Project Duration

Since 2016

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Project Highlights

  • Our final project conference will be hosted by the 21st WaterNet Symposium and take place on 28-30 October 2020, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

  • At the AfriAlliance Roadshow in Accra, Ghana during Climate Chance, African city officials spoke about the importance of conserving water in our cities in order to save our lives.

  • We launched the AfriAlliance GeoPortal demo site. Here you can find geodata, web services, maps, portals and more.

  • The AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event provided a matching platform for universities, science councils, decision-makers, government and companies with potential collaborators, funders and investors to facilitate commercialisation & awareness of their innovations.

  • Learn more about climate change, water and Africa at the AfriAlliance Knowledge Hub.

Project aims

AfriAlliance makes Africa-EU cooperation practical by sharing non-technological solutions for local challenges.

This helps to identify and boost sustainable market and investment opportunities. Demand-driven, problem-focused action groups are sharing knowledge between the identified stakeholders and networks at all levels to identify and address vulnerabilities effectively.

Africa and Europe are able to cooperate on water and climate change research and social innovation (R&I) through a combination of forward-looking and bottom-up innovation and road mapping techniques.

AfriAlliance is also identifying demands, opportunities, and constraints at different levels and developing strategic advice for improving Africa-EU collaboration. This is helping policy makers to create a consistent approach to bilateral cooperation between Africa and the EU in the field of innovation for water and climate.

Funded By

AfriAlliance has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 689162.

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