As part of the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa initiative, three municipalities of the Maputo Metropolitan Area have launched a joint comprehensive and evidence-based Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan, including key climate actions for sustainable mobility.  As part of the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) initiative, three municipalities in … Continued

The rapid, unplanned, and informal urbanisation in Africa underscores the urgent need for multi-level climate action. Unlocking finance at the local level, particularly in Africa, is crucial for transitioning towards a more sustainable and climate-conscious development pathway. Local governments are on the frontline of urban challenges and possess valuable insights into their communities’ needs. Direct … Continued

African cities are hard hit by climate change impacts. For over two decades ICLEI Africa has been working with partners and our African cities to support them in developing evidence-based climate resilience plans. In 2022 multiple plans have been co-developed and launched, and the focus is now on implementation, finance and action. African cities are … Continued

The signing of the Nakuru County Climate Change Act, 2020 establishes the County Climate Change Fund, a pioneering financial mechanism that makes addressing climate change a legal requirement.

When cities see the requirements for robust climate reporting they may feel overwhelmed, but it opens the door to build a city that is future-ready. Here are some stories from Africa.

What does effective communication at city-level look like in practice? When crises hit cities, local governments, decision-makers and researchers are compelled to adapt to new constraints and ‘think on their feet’. As tools for engagement evolve, it is vital that resilience against future shocks are embedded within these structures.

A resilient society depends on climate action and gender equality. But where does a society begin to untangle the inequalities embedded in its own foundations?

African cities continue to recognise the importance of driving low emission development for systemic change. Here are their plans.

African mayors and city leaders stand in solidarity in response to global crises

Nakuru County, Kenya’s fourth most populous, is one of the front runners in addressing climate change and is taking action through embarking on the process of developing