The Reflecting Cities project brought together leaders and technical officials from four major African cities to rethink how they view their cities’ most pressing sustainability challenges, namely traffic, urban greening and waste. After a series of engagements, they go home with a practical toolkit outlining the solutions they themselves came up with.

When technical specialists and city officials from Uganda and Malawi’s four biggest cities were granted the space to reflect and truly unpack their cities’ complex challenges, the energy shifted from abstract, non-committal outcomes to real and plausible interventions.

We create spaces for reflection and knowledge exchange to find innovative ways to plan in complexity through our Reflecting Cities project.

The first Reflecting Cities knowledge exchange brought together four African cities to grapple with their most pronounced urban challenges: transport, waste and urban greenery. With guidance from the ICLEI Africa team and local experts, they made the first steps in finding solutions that truly fit.