Key learnings from the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative city-to-city exchange

How ICLEI Africa uses a rights based food systems approach to address food inequities.


The annual campaign, running throughout July, was created in 2020 to support cross-sector, multi-stakeholder engagements and knowledge sharing about urban food systems. This year’s theme, “Nourishing our Cities toward Equitable Recovery”, reflects on the journey of recovery that African cities are taking in the face of multiple shocks and stresses that are being  experienced in our … Continued

Engaging sessions, meaningful interactions and inspiring conversations. Our team, our organisation and our initiatives had a strong presence in all corners of the summit.

A literal, continental shift will see global climate commitments made on African soil as African cities host two key COPs this year. It’s an opportunity for the continent to receive its deserved representation in climate and sustainability discussions and priorities.

Mayor Mohamed Sefiani of Chefchaouen in Morocco has been elected onto the ICLEI Africa Regional Executive Committee (REXCOM) as our first representative of North Africa. He highlights the importance of multi-level governance and strong city networks in creating thriving, climate resilient African cities.

ICLEI Africa will present on the ‘Situation of waste-water management in Africa with the perspective on governance and stakeholder involvement’ in Dakar, Senegal from 26-30 May 2014. Africa Water Week is convened by the African Minister’s Council on Water (AMCOW) with the Global Water Partnership (GWP) co-convening, a technical session on waste-water management and water … Continued

The National Government of Tanzania is moving towards taking formal steps to protect and enhance nature in cities as they expand to accommodate their mushrooming populations. ICLEI Africa is assisting to facilitate the process to ensure nature is prioritised and effectively integrated in the country’s planning processes. Rising floods in Dar es Salaam Dar es … Continued

IFWEN updates: Exploring innovation How do we improve the productivity and co-benefits across food, water and energy sectors, and how can we use nature’s benefits to do this, while restoring nature in the process? The IFWEN project, which convenes ICLEI Africa, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), The Nature of Cities (TNOC) and … Continued