A guide to prioritising people in urban African sustainable development projects

Read what our Urban Natural Assets programme officials had to say about Planning with Nature for Improved Service Delivery – the first facilitated online course by ICLEI Africa.

Building resilience through Nature-Based Solutions for vulnerable communities in Entebbe, Uganda

Urban climate action should benefit all the residents of a city. ICLEI Africa is championing urban environmental justice by engaging communities, co-creating climate and nature-based solutions and developing demand responsive recommendations for socially inclusive policy.

Nature, health and climate have always been connected. The COVID-19 pandemic is adding further impetus to the need for us to harness this connection to co-develop solutions with our cities that preserve the natural world that sustains us, combat the climate crisis, and enhance physical and mental well-being.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new handbook series: The Value of Urban Natural Assets When Planning for Resilient African Cities: Considerations and Decision-Making Processes, developed through the Urban Natural Assets for Africa (UNA) programme.

The UNA Rivers project supports local governments in African cities to protect and revitalise their urban natural assets around river systems.