We support and facilitate capacity building within coastal cities through sharing knowledge on adapting to climate change and enhancing resilience.

We facilitate the engagement of local governments, partners, investors, financiers and food system stakeholders for investment in urban food systems.

We co-developed the Water Security Strategy for the City of Johannesburg by defining challenges and designing remedial strategic responses.

We developed an African approach to circular economy implementation in cities that can improve the uptake of circular ideas and practices.

We highlight challenges and solutions for African cities while identifying options for networking and collaboration between cities and urban stakeholders.

We accelerate circularity in the intersecting areas of food, health and climate change through an incubation programme and knowledge exchange.

We support PO-RALG to improve urban planning and development control processes at national, municipal council and local government levels.

We address the resource and capacity gap of intermediary cities in applying for financing of renewable energy embedded generation projects.

A collective movement that enables tangible climate change action in African cities by strengthening collaboration between community groups and local governments.

The UNA Coasts project supports local governments in coastal African cities to protect and revitalise their urban natural assets.