Bridging finance and biodiversity: Crucial steps for African city resilience Amidst the escalating challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, African cities find themselves at a critical juncture, where the intersection of finance and biodiversity holds immense significance for resilience. With more than half the world’s Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) relying on biodiversity and … Continued

A guide to prioritising people in urban African sustainable development projects

Is language creating a barrier to showcasing Africa’s best efforts?

The Urban Natural Assets (UNA) programme’s latest project looks to a human rights-based approach to restore natural assets and build resilience

Read what our Urban Natural Assets programme officials had to say about Planning with Nature for Improved Service Delivery – the first facilitated online course by ICLEI Africa.

Nature-based solutions could help cities stabilise warming to below 2°C. ICLEI Africa continues to empower local governments to harness existing urban natural assets with the launch of UNA: Resilience for Life.

Urban climate action should benefit all the residents of a city. ICLEI Africa is championing urban environmental justice by engaging communities, co-creating climate and nature-based solutions and developing demand responsive recommendations for socially inclusive policy.

Nature, health and climate have always been connected. The COVID-19 pandemic is adding further impetus to the need for us to harness this connection to co-develop solutions with our cities that preserve the natural world that sustains us, combat the climate crisis, and enhance physical and mental well-being.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new handbook series: The Value of Urban Natural Assets When Planning for Resilient African Cities: Considerations and Decision-Making Processes, developed through the Urban Natural Assets for Africa (UNA) programme.

We support local governments in Africa to protect and revitalise their urban natural assets by integrating nature-based solutions into land use planning for increased resilience.